we promoteD Myers Collective’s minimalist, one-of-a-kind jewelry collection.

Myers Collective


Myers Collective started in 2012 with a series of experimental pieces that strangers couldn’t stop asking about. Still experimenting, the spare and fluid geometries are designed to enhance the body and adapt to the wearer. Myers Collective takes as much pleasure in conceiving of a piece as they do in crafting it—they never create something just because. The result is beautiful, minimal designs that strangers still can’t stop asking about.

Polygon Multi Bracelets from the Brass, Copper, Silver collection.
Polygon Multi/06 from the Brass, Metal and Copper Necklace collection.
Assemblage/ 02 Earrings from the Precious Metals collection.
Line 01/B Necklaces from the Brass, Copper and Silver collection.
The popular Line/01B necklaces.
The Otaat/Myers Collective ring pouches.