we representED Studio Schicketanz’s portfolio of residential and interior architecture along the central coast.

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Studio Schickentaz is a full-service architecture firm providing a wide range of architectural and interior design services. The firm specializes in custom-building design; green, LEED certified, sustainable architecture; residential and commercial interior design; historic preservation/restoration and remodeling; land-use and coastal planning and assisting in real estate due diligence research and feasibility studies.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Torres Residence, located in Carmel, is the third LEED-certified home in the area.
The compact kitchen includes red cabinetry from IKEA complemented by the deep wood floors.
Overlooking the Bay and Point Lobos to the north, the Lobos Views residence is constructed of stone and exposed wood, giving it an earthy feel as well as the effect of being nestled into the hillside.
The luxurious master bath inside the Lobos Views residence.
Studio Schicketanz completed the interior and exterior of the innovative Coastlands Home. The luxurious oversized tub includes expansive views of surrounding foliage.
This eco-friendly house includes multiple sustainable elements, such as reclaimed stone floors, reclaimed teak siding and solar panels.